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Resource Books & Videos

Resource Books & DVD's

Outstanding Miniature Horse Stallions

Outstanding Miniature Horse Stallions
Over 30 miniature horse stallions and more than 50 years of proven bloodlines, past and present. Pedigrees, show records, progeny records and background on foundation horses. Great help in determining bloodlines for your breeding program, lots of photos.





Outstanding Miniature Horse Mares; Past & Present
A breeder's lot is a hard one--the challenging task of choosing the right combination of genes in order to produce the most perfect, most beautiful, and most winning Miniature Horse is daunting, to say the least, when you consider that wrong decisions take eleven months to come to light!
How best to insure your breeding choices? Research, research, and more research.
Pat Elder's Outstanding Miniature Horse Mares: Past & Present chronicles over 300 mares from 32 states and 8 countries; these horses are featured individually, with photographs, show records, and winning offspring. "Foundation Mares Through the Decades" names over 1,500 additional horses that contributed to the breed, and provides some background.
The "Dams of Distinction" section features such famous mares as CSF Dotty West, Hickory Hills June Ann, Lazy N's Rowdy's Ginger, Martin's Chorus Girl Leo, and Vanace Lilliput, to name only a few of the 17 mares featured.
Book includes glossary, mare and owner lists, and full index. 328 pages, soft cover.

$ 24.95


Trick Training Your Horse to Success
This is a great new 139 page trick training book by Jan Sharp. Includes instructions on selecting the horse and the steps your horse must learn before starting trick training. Bowing, lie down, standing on a box, honking horns, rolling balls, yes, no, bowing sit and rearing are some of the tricks she covers.




The Book of Miniature Horses
This is a great introduction to miniature horses and is full of essential information. This 136 page hardback book covers; mini care and feeding, basic and show training, driving training, show preparation, breeding and foaling. This is a great book for anyone new to the miniature horse, with photos supplementing the articles.



Horse Color Explained
144 pages filled with information and photographs on; color genetics, rare and difficult colors, coat color changes, predicting colors, selection for colors, markings and patterns, and describes all known colors.


Miniature Horse in Review – Vol 1

Excellent, easy to read information on breeding and raising minis, buying and marketing your miniatures, training, showing, driving and care of your tack - written by equine professionals, 136 pages with many photos and illustrations.



Miniature Horse in Review – Vol 2

Second volume in the series with easy to read format and use of many photos and graphics for illustration. This book includes 144 pages of information, on setting up your breeding program, health and reproduction, and farrier advice.





Mini Manual for New Owners

This completely revised book is a must for the new miniature horse owner. An essential manual which includes the necessary information every mini owner needs. Includes basic care and training, health maintenance, breeding and showing of your miniature horse in 66 pages filled with photos and illustrations.




Train Your Own Mini

This easy to understand guide is the answer for any owner who wants to do it themselves. Learn how to train a miniature horse to show in halter, training to drive in both pleasure and harness racing, trailer loading, exercising and conditioning, and much more, in 88 pages of fact-filled illustrations.





Show Your Mini

This is an easy to understand workbook for first time exhibitors. Includes explanations on rules, regulations, class descriptions, planning for the show, and what the judges look for, and much more.





Basic Foaling Handbook

This in-depth guide is for the miniature horse owner new to breeding and foaling. This 32-page booklet written by equine professionals, covers everything the new breeder should know and expect when the big day comes.





Miniature Horses-A Veterinary Guide

This hardback book is an essential manual for owners, breeders and vets of miniature horses. Gives excellent detailed information on hoof diseases, abnormalities of growth, dwarfism, reproduction and nutrition, specific to the miniature horse. Well illustrated throughout with appendices, color photos, and diagrams.

$ 22.95



Training Miniature Performance Horses

A comprehensive guide to train your miniature horse for hunter, jumper, and halter obstacle. Power packed soft cover. 79 page book.

$ 15.95






Success with Miniature Horses - The Experts Speak Out
This book gives Miniature Horse owners access to some of the best breeders, trainers, and judges in the industry. Here’s your chance to get answers to questions like "What kind of feed and hay should I use?" "How much can I expect to pay for a good broodmare?" "How do I decide if I should show my horse in Single or Country Pleasure Driving?" "How do I select a halter horse prospect?"
Fourteen well-known experts answer these and many other questions, providing opinions, insights, and suggestions in an effort to aid all who wish to move forward in the Miniature Horse business.

$ 23.95



Miniature Horse Conformation

Miniature Horse Conformation - What to Look For & What to Avoid
This book covers almost all aspects of conformation in the miniature horse, with many photographs and examples. There are eight (8) chapters with descriptions and photos covering: Basics, Body, Dwarfism, Feet, Head, Hips, Legs, and Neck.
A glossary and photo index, as well as full index complete this reference book.
There are 51 photos, PLUS a full color DVD slideshow of all of the book's photos. The DVD can be played on your computer or TV.

$ 21.95



The First Comprehensive Guide to Miniature Horse Showmanship.

Showmanship with Miniature Horses is a must-have guide for any exhibitor. Jennifer Garrett Bryant, AMHA judge and author of Training Miniature Performance Horses, explains in-depth information to help you improve your showmanship skills and become a more confident, posed exhibitor.
With example patterns, photographs, glossary, index, and sound, easy to understand instruction, this authoritative book is an essential tool for the novice and experienced exhibitor alike.

$ 17.95



Miniature Horse Books & DVD's

Natural Training Method Program - 3 discs

Each session deals with a different approach on a different day.

The purpose of all the workshops used together as a whole program is to produce a horse that is willing, agreeable, not easily frightened, obedient, and sociable to be around and work with.


Disc 1- In the first session, trainers take a hard to catch, spooky horse and work with him using a whip, and plastic bag, until the horse learns not to run away from the sound and movement. This is called desensitizing and you will be amazed at the results in just 30 minutes. Then the trainers sensitize the horse using bending and calming exercises to teach him to become supple and willing. Additionally, they work with handling the horse's feet.


Disc 2- In the second session, after reviewing the lessons learned the first day, the trainers lunge the horse and teach him to obey verbal commands and gestures; additionally, they teach the horse to respect their space. Once the horse is easily changing direction based on verbal commands and gestures, they again do the suppling exercises and end the session on a calm note. One of the horses also starts learning how to do a front foot pivot.


Disc 3- In the third and final work session, the horse is briefly taken through a refresher of days one and two, then turned loose in the round pen. At that time, the trainers work on getting the horse to change direction on command, stop on command, and most importantly to face the trainer and give his full attention. During this session, the object is to teach the horse to allow himself to be caught, haltered, and to further develop his respect for the handlers.


The sessions are organized to work consecutively; in other words, an owner can't just view Session three and expect positive results.

$39.95 ea


Disc 1


Disc 2


Disc 3

Driving Set

Training Miniatures to Drive Set
This boxed set contains all three Training Miniatures to Drive DVDs.

Training Miniatures to Drive 1Training Miniatures to Drive 1: Getting Started

This video guide will give any Miniature Horse owner the tips and techniques to train a Mini to drive successfully. Understanding what makes a good driving horse will help you find that perfect performance prospect, or pick one out of your own field. Joanne Ross of Scott Creek Farm explains the differences between the driving classes available in Miniature Horse shows, and shares insights into what makes a successful amateur exhibitor. You'll study the parts of the harness and cart and follow a close-up, step-by-step demonstration of harnessing and hitching your horse. Plus free poster.

Training to Drive, Vol 2Training Miniatures to Drive 2: Learning How

This video guide will start with the premise that you already have a driving prospect, you have studied the various classes, and are able to harness and hitch your horse. Joanne Ross of Scott Creek Farm will show you, step-by-step, how to start a green horse, discuss the importance of "whoa," safety issues, and understanding the nature of the horse, as it relates to training. Once you have your horse started in harness, you'll learn exercises and drills for turning, backing, and building your horse's flexibility, as well as how to handle your reins and whip. The workshop finishes up with some problem-solving, including balking, rearing, and the runaway horse.
Plus free poster.

Obstacle Driving TrainingTraining Miniatures to Drive 3: Obstacle Driving

These tapes were produced with the amateur owner in mind. "Training Your Miniature for Obstacle Driving" and "Training Your Miniature for Halter Obstacle" take the training process step by step, starting with a review of the three main types of obstacles, what they demonstrate to the judges, and how to build your own course at home. Well-known amateur exhibitor-owner-breeder, Joanne Ross of Scott Creek Farm in Aumsville, Oregon, talks about the preparation needed to begin a show training program at home. She discusses mind-set for showing, and the importance of observing classes and reading the rule books. Joanne discusses what to look for when choosing that obstacle horse, whether you are considering a new purchase or you already have your prospect.


$39.95 ea or $100.00 3 disc set

3 disc set



Disc 1


Disc 2


Disc 3


Horse Care Set

Horse Care Set (pictured left)

This boxed set contains all three Horse Care Workshop DVDs.

Clipping DVDClipping Your Miniature Horse

Clipping Your Miniature Horse is a video guide to transforming your Miniature Horse from a tiny yak into a gorgeous gazelle! A perfect companion video to "Grooming Your Miniature Horse," this video gives a close-up, detailed lesson on body clipping for the show ring. Again, professional trainer Portia Sue Owen shares her expertise in this skill to help the viewer learn this somewhat tricky grooming technique. Additionally, how-to instruction on keeping your horses looking good at home includes clipping the bridle path, fetlocks, and whiskers. Proper use and care of clippers is included in the discussions.

Grooming DVDGrooming Your Miniature Horse

Grooming Your Miniature Horse covers everything Miniature Horse owners need to know to keep their horses looking good at home and fantastic for the show ring. A step-by-step daily routine is carefully presented, including what grooming tools are needed and exactly how to use them, how to bathe your horse and blanketing. For the show horse owner, tips from professional trainer Portia Sue Owen will help make the difference between a winner or an "also-ran." Portia discusses types of show halters, use of makeup, clipping, and other tidbits she has acquired throughout her successful career with Miniature Horses.

Hoof Care DVDHoof Care & Trimming Your Miniature Horse

Hoof Care and Trimming for Miniature Horses is a video that will help Mini owners understand the equine foot and care for it properly. This workshop features third-generation farrier Pat Grady, who gives detailed instruction on how to trim your own Minis" hooves. A Miniature Horse owner himself, Pat carefully explains the steps and tools required to keep your horses balanced and comfortable. In addition, he demonstrates and discusses several special foot problems, including founder, pigeon toes, and tiny foal feet. No clinic would be complete without a solid understanding of conformation, and the Miniature Horse foot and leg structure are discussed in depth to give the viewer a complete picture. Full-screen illustrations and animated graphics make these structural issues more clear.


$49.95 ea or $125.00 3 disc set

3 disc set


Disc 1 - Clipping



Disc 2 - Grooming



Disc 3 - Hoof Care



Foal Cover

So...You're Expecting a Foal!  Video & Booklet
This video provides the critical "need to know" information for any mini owner preparing for their first foal.

Care of the pregnant mare, including pasture and turnout, the foaling stall, and familiarization with the mare's anatomy, is covered in detail. The impending signs of delivery are demonstrated with tips on when to watch for them. A 5-week countdown to delivery culminates in a "real time" delivery, "up close and personal," followed by an in-depth review of each stage. Follow-up on the birth include the importance of bonding, the foal's struggle to stand and nurse, and the mare's delivery of the afterbirth. The video concludes with "Red Alert" signs and what actions to take: premature separation of the placenta, abnormal presentation, and post-delivery foal problems.

The video is packaged with the popular book, So, You're Expecting a Foal!, which provides very detailed important information on subjects that are not easily shown on video.



Obstacle Halter Training

Halter & Obstacle Halter

These tapes were produced with the amateur owner in mind. "Training Your Miniature for Obstacle Driving" and "Training Your Miniature for Halter Obstacle" take the training process step by step, starting with a review of the three main types of obstacles, what they demonstrate to the judges, and how to build your own course at home. Well-known amateur exhibitor-owner-breeder, Joanne Ross of Scott Creek Farm in Aumsville, Oregon, talks about the preparation needed to begin a show training program at home. She discusses mind-set for showing, and the importance of observing classes and reading the rule books. Joanne discusses what to look for when choosing that obstacle horse, whether you are considering a new purchase or you already have your prospect.

Training techniques for the most common obstacles are shown in detail, with tips and advice from Joanne to help you make the best presentation possible. Obstacles covered in the Driving Obstacle tape include the gate, the cones, an arch and streamers, bridges, wheel pivots, parallel poles, water, and the keyhole. Obstacles covered in the Halter Obstacle tape include jumps, rails, cavaletti, water, bridges, sidepassing, forehand pivot, haunch pivot, and ground-tying. Joanne shares her secrets for teaching your horse to be well-mannered and responsive to your commands. The art of backing your horse is discussed at length in both videos.

After successfully training the obstacle horse, the amateur is schooled on drills and exercises that will build the horse's flexibility, perfect turns and backing, and accustom the horse and handler to the obstacles. Included are "Problem-Solving Workshops" that cover things such as balking, rearing, and the stressed horse; these problem/solution demonstrations will be of great benefit to the amateur trainer.

A free poster is included with each tape. This handy two-sided sheet includes samples of obstacle patterns one might encounter, instructions for building obstacles, contact addresses & phone numbers, class requirements and descriptions, and more. The poster will be of great benefit out in the training field, when the videotape must stay in the house.



Training for Driving Obstacle with Patty Cloke

Training Your Horse for Driving Obstacle
In this video Patty Cloke will show you how to successfully teach your trained driving horse how to move laterally and with confidence through a variety of obstacles. The video starts with the basics and moves up through the steps needed to successfully complete a Driving Obstacle course.



Training for Driving Obstacle

Training Your Horse For Halter Obstacle
This video shows you the basics of training your horse for Halter Obstacle or Trail in Hand classes. From the basics of walking, trotting and stopping with your horse to a complete halter obstacle course, you will learn how to train your own horse for success and fun in the show arena or at home.




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